I write about empathy, gender, identity, transgender experience, masculinity,  and connection across difference for a variety of publications. 


Debunking Testosterone Myths

Translator Media

"Anyone who moves through the world as a masculine-presenting human has a responsibility to check their privilege, make space for feminine folks, and do the work of dismantling the patriarchy in their relationships and communities. But choosing to take a masculinizing hormone to better align one’s body and spirit is not inherently a violent patriarchal act. In fact, I’d argue that anything so bravely done by trans people in the interest of self-love is an act against the patriarchy. It’s how we choose to embody our masculinity that makes the difference."

Trans Allyship in a Trump Presidency

GO Magazine

"It’s not about one good deed (one correct pronoun, one gender neutral bathroom) saving the world. I believe in the power of the cumulative effect. No matter what, with every choice you make, you’re creating patterns. You’re either affirming the status quo or charting a course toward a new one. So, make the right choices. Create the right patterns. Choose, moment by moment, to course-correct toward the world you want to build, toward your vision of your best self and your strongest community. Build it day by day."

The Double-Edged Sword Of Trans-Visibility

Translator Media

Those of us who defy easy categorization are intimately familiar with the look in a stranger’s eyes when confusion turns into disgust, when revulsion turns into rage, when attraction turns into entitlement. 
Visibility is power: We are here, we’ve been here, we’re not going anywhere. Visibility is also violence: I am here, a target on my back, a canvas for your projections, a bullseye for your fears.