I write about transforming Diversity & Inclusion, empathy, transgender experience, and healthy masculinity for a variety of publications. 


Popular Writing

Rehumanizing Diversity & Inclusion | Medium, January 2018

"Relying on shame and dehumanization — however subtle or justified — as motivating tools of change will never resolve the patterns of isolation and exclusion we seek to address.

Debunking Testosterone Myth | Trans.Cafe, October 2016

"Anything so bravely done by trans people in the interest of self-love is an act against the patriarchy. It’s how we choose to embody our masculinity that makes the difference."

Trans Allyship in a Trump Presidency | GO Magazine, November 2016

"No matter what, with every choice you make, you’re creating patterns. You’re either affirming the status quo or charting a course toward a new one. Choose, moment by moment, to course-correct toward the world you want to build, toward your vision of your best self and your strongest community. Build it day by day."

The Double-Edged Sword of Trans-Visibility | Trans.Cafe, October 2016

"It feels easier than ever to be trans in this world, and it also feels harder. Visibility means surveillance. Visibility means violence. Visibility also means witnessing and connection and community and change. And I know these things make all the difference in the world. I’m counting on that."