Transforming Internet Culture 201


We live in the age of constant internet “dialogue” aka comment wars. We’ve all been there, probably on both sides of the issue: as someone furiously typing a “you should know better” comment, or opening up Instagram to find that someone thinks totally missed the mark. Social media has placed us in new territory as a society. We now interact with hundreds and thousands of strangers every single day. We’re still learning how to make this technology work for us, using our hyper-connectivity to innovate, create, and heal, rather than simply frying our nervous systems. How do we go from yelling across the void, or defending against hate, to truly connecting? Why do trolls troll? What is the difference between unfounded hate and legitimate criticism? Why do people not respond to feedback, online or in person? How do we ensure accountability while creating internet community that works for all of us? What is your unique role in the process? 

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