Collective manifestation

Do we really create our own reality? If so, what does that mean about oppression, violence, abuse, and war? How can we reconcile manifestation and the law of attraction with our understanding of social justice? Is it ok to manifest the life of your dreams when others are suffering?

The concept of manifestation has been deeply misused and misrepresented in modern times. Many of us carry deep wounding around the concept of vibration, energy, and manifestation. We associate it with “manifest destiny,” with people using their creational powers to oppress and control.

These works demystify the relationship between manifestation and social justice, explore powerful research on humans’ ability to co-create a peaceful world together, and include transformational guided meditations to get you manifesting justice now.

101: Intro to Law of Attraction and Social Justice

201: Collectively Manifesting Our Healed World



In today’s social media callout culture, it can feel overwhelming and confusing to put yourself out there and take a stand on issues that matter to you. Even if we have deep heart-centered desires to be welcoming and inclusive, we can still feel worried about doing harm due to unconscious bias. These workshops cover: How to use your platform to amplify causes you care about. How to define your stance on prominent social issues. How to cultivate a diverse and inclusive following in a way that is truly authentic to you, your voice, and your passions. How to navigate criticism and call-outs with grace, empathy, and accountability. How we can all shift out of a culture of blame and attack, without compromising our commitment to social justice. How to co-create a more peaceful and connected internet together.

101: Inclusive Social Media

201: Transcending Callout Culture



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