Own your voice. Stand by your mission. Create freely.


Being in the public eye has never been more complicated. Whether you are a thought leader or a household name or an Instagram influencer, you know that your every word and action is highly scrutinized. This can lead us to feel damned if we do, damned if we don’t; stuck between sharing freely and censoring ourselves, wondering if we’ll be #canceled no matter what. External pressure can also lead us to lose track of our internal compass, making choices based on others’ analyses rather than our own instincts and desires.

I’m here to help. I’ve supported leaders across all industries in reclaiming the truth of their message, responding to public outcry and online criticism, communicating authentically and without fear, navigating transitions in their work, and ultimately consciously designing a career and life that nourishes them and the world.

If you have a public platform, you are here to share important messages. You are here to express yourself freely, to innovate creatively, and to lead the way in creating a better world. You are called to show the world how to transcend these times of division and censure, with integrity, humility, and humanity. You deserve the support to reconnect with your innate wisdom, to express without fear, and to live of life of your own design.

I combine my background in community organizing, meditation, neuroscience, energy healing, neurolinguistic reprogramming, diversity & inclusion, aaand a little bit of magic to support you in releasing the blocks that stand in the way of your full leadership potential, your crystal clear message, your path to deepening your impact, and your right to feel at peace about how you’re showing up in the world.