February: COLLECTIVE Manifestation for Liberation.

We live in a vibrational universe that we create. Together. At all moments. Anything you see around you was created through your consciousness. Your home, your job, the bus driver’s reaction to you, how beautiful the sunset seems. All of it. 

This realisation of our personal collective power can feel amazing, because we recognise how tremendous we really are. And it can also feel overwhelming, because we’re also aware of how many forces seek to influence our consciousness (and therefore our creation) at every moment. And how many other thinking feeling beings are out there exerting their will on this world as well! 

The concept of manifestation has been deeply misused and misrepresented in modern times. Many of us carry deep wounding around the concept of vibration, energy, and manifestation. We associate it with “manifest destiny,” with people using their creational powers to oppress and control, to amass more and more wealth by extracting it from others.

So how do we manifest our dream lives from a place of integrity and accountability, so that we thrive in a way that is mutually nourishing for all beings? And how do we wrap our minds around the concept of collective manifestation? The truth that our world is co-created, for better and for worse. How do we harness the power of collective manifestation to create the social change we desire? 

We are more powerful than we can imagine. Join us in releasing ourselves from old ideas and reclaiming a liberated future for all.

101: Intro to Manifestation for Social Justice.

February 13th, 7pm EST (replay available)

What manifestation is, the basic mechanics of our vibrational universe, and how it differs from individual to collective (i.e. we’re about to get real nerdy! But in an accessible and empowering way.) How to understand and embrace manifestational power through an accountable and intersectional social justice lens.

201: Harnessing Collective Manifestation.

February 27th, 7pm EST (replay available)

Moving from theory to practice and harnessing our collective co-creational power to build the liberated world of our dreams. Identifying and upgrading your own manifestation practice. Culminating in a community manifestation ritual.