It's time to add meditation to your activist toolkit. 

REBOOT is a guided meditation series for white people who are ready to face their relationship to institutionalized racism, heal their unconscious racial biases, and build a racially just and equal world.  




Our world is in need of deep healing around race and identity. We see it in the headlines. We feel it in our guts. 

Part of the solution starts with acknowledging that white people still often carry a deep fear of and anxiety about people of color.  Whether that shows up as a fear of offending or being called out, or an overt instinct to discriminate and exclude, it's often still there, below the surface. This is the result of generations-old conditioning. And we now have an opportunity to choose differently.

Research shows us that trauma (aka fear-based reaction patterns) gets coded into our DNA, and is passed from parent to child, for up to 14 generations. An intellectual understanding of institutionalized racism and a desire to change is often not enough to shift deeply conditioned instincts.

So how do we rewire ourselves to perceive the world differently?

How do we align our instinctual responses with our values of equality, justice, and compassion?

We are called to build upon our intellectual understanding, cultivate emotional awareness, and generate somatic release.

We are called to go deep into the source of our instincts and root them out.

We are called to reprogram our nervous systems, as we would when releasing any other kind of destructive habit or healing any other kind of trauma.

We have the opportunity to teach our highly adaptable and creative brains to perceive old stimuli in new ways. 

Are you ready to release your fear-based instincts, heal racial divisions, and show up to build a new world together? Then REBOOT may be for you. 

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Real World Application

This series contains seven guided meditations, each designed with a specific situation in mind. From being called out online to witnessing discrimination in the workplace, you are supported in connecting with your highest self and taking action from a place of integrity and clarity. 

The next time you experience discomfort, anger, upset, or overwhelm as a white person, don’t simply try to breathe through it or type out a comment right away. Turn to a meditation specifically designed to ground you, clarify your values, and empower you to act in ways that affirm racial equality and dismantle institutionalized racism. 

Energetically Aligned

Each meditation corresponds with a different chakra, or energy center, in your body. Originally described in the Indian Vedic texts, your body’s seven main chakras rise along your spine, from your tailbone to the crown of your head. When our chakras are open, positive energy freely flows within our system, supporting the wellbeing of ourselves and our communities. Pick and choose between the meditations based on your needs, or work your way up from root to crown. 

Brainwave Entrainment

The entire series is set to soothing music that induces Theta brainwaves. In a Theta state, your brain enters a state of deep relaxation from which you can calm your nervous system, rewire subconscious beliefs, and experience creative inspiration. 

A New Way to Heal

Complement your intellectual work to understand and dismantle oppression & inequality with a somatic experience that wires in what you’ve learned and transforms deeply held limiting beliefs. Using best practices in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, these meditations support you in shifting old fear-based thought patterns and seeing the world in a new way. 

Off the Cushion, Into Your Community

Translate your breakthroughs into action. Your meditation download also comes with a full REBOOT Guide, with suggested reflections & action steps for each meditation, as well as curated resources for ongoing learning. 

You will receive a link for immediate download when you purchase now.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Aren't meditations a cop-out? Shouldn't you be advocating for action, not for sitting quietly?

Meditation alone will not solve the problems of our world's racial inequality. But it can play an important part. Throughout my years of work as a diversity & inclusion educator, I have seen many white people dramatically shift their behavior after learning about the history of institutionalized racism. I've seen their actions shift overnight, reflecting a new commitment to listening to & respecting people of color in their work. However, I have also seen many white people struggle with deeply held instincts to center whiteness and to participate in institutionalized racism, even after thorough study of history and best practices.

Some of us need support in closing the gap between our values and our instincts. White supremacy is a violent system generations in the making. It makes sense that building a new world requires not only intellectual growth but also emotional, somatic, and spiritual reprogramming. These meditations are designed to provide regular support in rewiring our neural pathways and aligning our actions with our values. 

Meditation creates greater space between stimulus and response. When it comes to institutionalized racism, that increased awareness can mean the difference between a knee-jerk reaction to call the police on a black neighbor, and the ability to catch bias and make a different decision. Those few mindful seconds can mean the difference between life or death. 

As a lifelong educator & activist who got my start as a community organizer, I know that intention means nothing without the follow-through of action. That's why REBOOT also comes with a reflection and action guide, to translate your internal shifts into external impacts. That's also why these meditations are offered complementary tool, not a catch-all solution. 

Finally, research now shows how effective guided meditations are in shifting people's long-held patterns and creating new habits. Racism is a conditioned, subconscious worldview. These meditations seek to go below conscious awareness to the root of the white subconscious. The combination of brainwave entrainment music and neuro-linguistic programming assist in this process. 

This is not a magical, racism-be-gone, hypnosis program for secretly transforming your racist relatives. This is a new tool that conscious, committed, anti-racist white people can use to deepen their work, identify root causes of their biases, and bring greater integrity & accountability to their day to day interactions with people of color. 


Aren't meditations usually designed to relax people? Isn't that lulling white people into further passivity? 

Popular imagery of meditation can reinforce the idea that meditation is about checking out, rather than tuning in. It often shows thin white people wearing white clothing, sitting serenely, smiles on their faces, not a care in the world. However, at its core, meditation is about facing what is here and now. It is about being present to the truth of our feelings, the reality of our situation. It is about no longer dissociating and lying to ourselves. For white people benefitting from white supremacy, this means facing deep pain, discomfort, and unease. 

Institutionalized racism is a system of extracting value from black people in service of the security and comfort of white people. Its primary tools are dehumanization and dissociation. Historically, white people have participated in the dehumanization people of color and then dissociated from this truth. Divesting from this harmful system starts with disrupting the static of dissociation and acknowledging the reality of people's pain. Only by looking at this harm head on can we repair our wounds and move forward. REBOOT is designed to assist with this process. 

Who are you?

I’m Aaron Rose: a white, middle-class, life-long New Yorker and south Brooklynite. I’m a gay transgender man. I've spent the last decade teaching on identity, difference, and culture change, and meditation has always been a part of my individual and professional practice. I collaborate closely with educators of color, and refer consulting & training clients with race-specific concerns to them. To conduct ongoing reparations, I tithe my work 10% and give that money to black-run organizations that advocate for people of color.

I created these meditations because I witnessed a deep need for racial healing tools for white people that went beyond the academic & the intellectual to create emotional & spiritual shifts. I offer you these resources to you now in service of our collective healing. May they serve you well. May we face that which holds us back from true connection. May we build a world where we all thrive. 

Racism is a heart disease, and it’s curable.
— Ruth King