GENERAL ADMISSION to REVOLUTIONARY REBOOT: A Masterclass on How to Heal Yourself AND the World at the Same Time

“How do you do what you do?” This is a question I get all the time. From people wondering not just how I designed the business & life I have, but also how I literally stay sane, focused, and positive in a chaotic world while actively creating a better world from within my zone of genius. Well, spoiler alert, I too am human, and am still figuring it out, day by day. However, there are powerful practices, daily rituals, and mindset shifts that have taken me from being a burned out, constantly sick, performatively cynical activist, to a fully aligned, consistently energized, powerfully focused leader creating a better world each and every day. It is possible. And it is necessary. To make this transition from chaos to calm, from confusion to clarity, from pessimism to optimism, from avoidance to action.

In this 3 hour masterclass we will cover: 

  • Why changemakers are experiencing the chaos of the world more extremely than others, how to protect and focus yourself, and how to turn your overwhelm into power

  • The energetics of individual and collective healing

  • How to balance your individual healing journey with your desire to change the world

  • Practices for navigating anger, sadness, and overwhelm, and making hope and clarity become your new normal, including the exact routines I use for myself & my clients

  • Behind the scenes on how to harness your personal healing for collective change

  • Understanding the metaphysics of social justice so that change becomes logical and predictable, rather than seemingly chaotic & impossible

  • How to live a life of ease & joy in a chaotic world, without it being a cop out

  • And much more, including live energetic clearing and Q&A

This masterclass is truly a behind the scenes on my most powerful practices. Made accessible for those who aren’t called to private coaching & mentoring. ⁣

Revolutionary times call for revolutionary rituals. Radical communing. Total transformation. Sacred surrender. Utopian upgrades. Let’s gather, connect, share, and refuel for the path ahead. Invite your friends, your lovers, your coworkers, your parents, your neighbors, yourself. 

Let’s do this.  

Note: All ticket-holders will receive a recording afterwards, so you can still participate if you can’t catch it live. One ticket per person watching please.

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