Embrace your authentic role in healing our world. 


You know you're here to make a difference. You're already doing it. But you want to go deeper, you want to expand your impact, you want to serve an even more diverse and expansive audience. 

Or maybe you're just starting out, worried that you're doing too little too late. 

Wherever you are in your journey, I'm here to help. 

I combine my background in community organizing, meditation and neuroscience, diversity & inclusion and organizational development, aaand a little bit of magic to support you in releasing the blocks that stand in the way of your full leadership potential and charting a new way forward. 


Right now I am committed to supporting three types of leaders: 

Conscious men who seek to heal their relationship to people of all genders, cultivate healthy masculinity, cultivate power with rather than over others, and be agents for true connection and change in their lives and communities.

Community leaders who seek to close the gap between their values and their day-to-day work, to expand the diversity of their platform, organization, or audience, to communicate a message of true inclusion, and to play their role in building a world where people of all identities can thrive.  

Aspiring and emerging changemakers who know they have a part to play, but haven't figured it out yet, who feel behind in the current social justice discourse, who feel called to bring healing and connection to the world, and who are ready to rise into their own unique leadership role. 



Conscious Men

At a time when many men feel paralyzed and confused by their role in a #metoo world, you are ready to lead the way, starting with yourself. Embrace an authentic and healthy embodiment of your masculinity. Release your fears of harming or being harmed by others. Find your place within the changing social landscape. Learn what true allyship looks and feels like. Build community with other like-minded men who are on this journey with you. 

Inclusive Community Leaders

You are a heart-centered leader who is ready to expand your ability to work with a more diverse community and communicate a message of inclusion. Together we’ll demystify what inclusion truly means, identify who you are called to serve, and leave you ready to lead with confidence and ease. You'll show up confident that you are speaking authentically to your diverse audience. 


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Emerging Social Change Makers

You know you’re meant to make the world a better place. You are hungry to make a difference. The news leaves you feeling both fired up and paralyzed. You may worry both about saying the wrong thing and about saying nothing at all. You may feel like you’re behind, but you’re actually right on schedule. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have a powerful and unique role to play. Together we’ll uncover your path, clear the fears that stand in your way, and equip you with the tools to make the impact you’ve always known you were capable of.