Redefine masculinity, reclaim your identity, and repair our world

What is the future of gender? What is allyship? How do we repair our world without losing ourselves in the process? What does it truly mean to be a conscious man in 2019? We’ll dive into this and much more. 

I meet so many big-hearted men who feel paralyzed, uncertain about how to embody their commitment to equity, worried about making a mistake or losing themselves in the process.

In the #metoo era, men of all backgrounds need new tools for embracing their true selves, cultivating healthy masculinity, repairing the wounds of this world, and creating accountable and authentic relationships.

Ready to be an ally to women but not sure where to start? Wondering how to show up as a confident leader & community member in a way that feels authentic to you? Get answers to these questions, build real connections, & show up as the man you were always meant to be. Join us in building a new world, starting with a better self.

This online intensive is the condensed and improved version of my in-person conscious masculinity workshops. The course blends restorative justice, intersectional power analysis, meditation and mindfulness, and includes:

* Daily emails with 14 total video lessons

* 20 page resource and action guide

* 2 live group Zoom calls for Q&A and live coaching (recorded if you can't make it)

* Ongoing expert and peer support

Topics covered include:

* Our masculinity stories, healing the old, choosing the new

* The link between gender & sexuality

* The intertwined roots of race & gender

* #MeToo and bystander intervention

* How to talk to other men about masculinity

* Feminism and men's role in the movement

* Relationships: emotional intelligence + emotional labor

* Workplace: gender equity + leading from a place of integrity

* Allyship + authenticity: building mutually supportive connections

* Social media: navigating callouts + creating community

* Becoming the men we are meant to be

* Meditation, intention, & spiritual practice: creating the foundation for a whole and healthy life

WHO IS THIS FOR: This experience is specifically designed for people whose gender is: man. Cis, trans, anywhere in between. However, if you’re someone who the world reads as a man or who identifies strongly with masculinity (ie a nonbinary transmasculine person) and you feel moved to join, you are more than welcome!

Registration is now closed.

Conscious Masculinity Intensive 2.0 will start in March 2019.

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What past participants are saying:

“Aaron, you have created a super safe space. DEFINITION of safe space.”

“I LOVED this workshop. Actually taking the time to work through these concepts was so enlightening and moving.”

“Thank you to this whole group for giving me the space to express myself. I was nervous coming in, but I was met with nothing but support.”