Conscious Leader Collective

3-Month Leadership Coaching Intensive

You know it’s time to go the next level. You may have a very clear picture of what that looks like, or it may be a gut feeling, as if you’ve been going up a roller coaster and you know a big shift is coming, but you don’t quite know when. You know you’re here to make a massive difference, and you already are. And yet, there’s a sense of un-maximized potential, dispersed energy, looping blocks – a desire for greater financial security in your business, a release from personal traumas that leave you rock-bottoming and wondering if you’re a fraud for trying to help people while still navigating so much, a deeper sense of stability, clarity, and practical impact in your work, and more. In this transformational space, we will co-create your up-level into the next phase of your work and life. This is a selective, limited-spot small group to ensure confidentiality, maximum 1:1 support, and deep transformation.

The Conscious Leader Collective is a mastermind-style group leadership coaching intensive. It includes:

  • 3-month private small group coaching 

  • Biweekly live teaching & coaching sessions (7 total) 

  • Customized homework and integration practices 

  • 1 solo coaching, soul alignment, & energetic clearing session 

  • Private Facebook group for daily support & accountability 

  • Plus extra bonus content and tools like customized meditations

Who is it for?

Conscious leaders, spiritual activists, and ascending changemakers who are:

  • Committed to being living breathing emissaries of a healed and whole world

  • Seeking to align their work and life with their values and dreams

  • Intending to take their mission to the next level of impact, ease, and visibility

  • Determined to anchor in a frequency of abundance and ease into their life, to lead the way for the people they serve

As you know, what is happening internally is happening externally! So limiting beliefs, unresolved traumas, fears, and more create your life, your business, your relationships, your world. T

Over the course of 3 months we are going to explore what is really keeping you from your next level goals. Heal, clear, and understand self, what you want, and how to create it with ease! 

Each meeting will include a balance of energetic work and practical teaching; a forecast of the collective energies and the specific energies for the group; clearing, individual mastermind/mentoring, and healing for group members; business & mission strategy; goal setting and accountability; and homework. 

We will be covering the following topics (and more!):

  • Metaphysics of the new paradigm of leadership and life

  • Releasing smallness: shame, guilt, fear and self-limitation/sabotage around being seen, succeeding, showing up to serve and be recognized as the leader you are

  • What it really means to be aligned in your mission

  • Upleveling with a sense of accomplishment AND day-to-day peace

  • Identifying limiting belief systems and ancestral karmic restrictions 

  • Your soul signature and what it means for the successful embodiment of your mission

  • Using your gifts and full self to create a successful business or platform 

  • Knowing and owning your worth 

  • How to present your self and mission to the world 

  • Your biggest vision and how you get there 

  • Balancing personal and collective wellbeing 

  • How to hold space for others, including creating impact with boundaries as a leader / healer

  • Integrating spirituality and social change, and guiding people through chaotic collective times

  • Building community with other soulful leaders


September 2019, exact session dates TBD by group vote once we are all assembled. 


This experience is valued at $4999, and I’m making it extra accessible at $2999. 

A payment plan is also available until the start of the intensive. 


On the fence? 

Book a discovery call with me to explore if this is a good fit for you.