My Collective Healing Commitment

My intention is that my work be of the highest possible service to our collective healing. This means not only transforming my clients' capacity to lead truly inclusive teams and authentically connect with people of all backgrounds, but also using my professional and material resources to end historical patterns of exclusion and marginalization. 

While I am gay and transgender, I also move through the world as a white man, raised in a middle class urban environment. The current structures of our world afford me a level of access, education, and credibility that has historically been less available to people like people of color, women, and particularly trans women of color. This impacts the life I am able to imagine for myself as much as it influences the material resources I possess. 

To honor the people whose brilliance and leadership have made my work possible, and to participate in ending intergenerational cycles of trauma and building a world where we all have what we need to live healthy peaceful lives, I have made the following commitments: 

  • When teaching on an identity that I do not personally hold, I work with co-facilitators who can speak on their lived experiences. For example, while I lead healing circles for white people, if I am lecturing more broadly on race, I will always work with a non-white co-facilitator, or refer the job to them entirely

  • I donate a portion of my business’s profits to several powerful community organizations that nourish and uplift historically marginalized people. Right now I regularly contribute to the Trans Women of Color Collective and the Bronx Freedom Fund

My greatest intention is that my work be an instrument of love, healing, and connection in this world. Allocating my spiritual, financial, and social resources with integrity is one way I take concrete action to build a world where we all thrive. These commitments will naturally evolve over time as people's needs shift and our world changes. 

In love and solidarity,