Let’s create some GOOD this Black Friday

 tl;dr: Black Friday is usually all about individual capitalist excess, but we can use our resources to collectively invest in building a better world. I'm offering over 15% off all my offerings, and donating an additional 10% to causes that are changing the world. 

Today we're all inundated with messages imploring us to spend our money through time-limited fear tactics, as well as generalizing assumptions about how we've spent this 'holiday' week... Personally, I've always dreaded Black Friday and tried to ignore it. 

But this year I'm trying something a little different. I'm giving all you wonderful humans a sweet 15%+ discount on all my offerings, AND donating an additional 10% to causes working on racial and gender justice. My favorites are the Trans Women of Color Collectiveand the Bronx Freedom Fund

What's included in this offer? 
Single coaching sessions (there are only a few of these!) – can be used for leadership coaching, inclusion consulting, and more. 
My online conscious masculinity program (use code GIVEBACK)
My guided meditation series for white people ending racism (use code GIVEBACK)
Certificates for future coaching & training packages – buy $1000 toward ANY work with me for $750, and buy $500 for $350. (Returning clients: yes, you can use this on whatever we have planned next!)

Because I'm not interested in adding to the inbox inundation this weekend, I'm keeping this nice and simple. This offer is good through Monday 11/26 at 11:59pm PST.