Hi, I’m Aaron Rose. I’m so glad you’re here. 

Here are some words that describe me at the moment: queer, trans, man, white, New Yorker, astrology lover, Harry Potter fan, ocean-obsessed, teacher, student, human. 

How my work started: I began working as a community organizer & educator when I was a teenager, which is how I learned how to teach, how to design curriculum, how to tell a story, how to lead a team, and how to commit to bite-sized daily action in pursuit of a grand vision for a healed and whole world. 

What I do now: Today I am an educator, coach, writer, and speaker. I facilitate team trainings and consult on strategy & communications related to diversity & inclusion, identity, conflict transformation, and conscious culture design (aka how do we truly communicate + treat each other like humans + feel like ourselves + create the most powerful iteration of our work together?). I speak on these topics for audiences of all kinds. I also coach leaders 1:1 on amplifying their capacity to lead diverse teams and on aligning their work with their unique role in repairing our world.  

Behind my approach: My work is rooted in an intersectional understanding of power and research-backed principles of behavioral & organizational psychology, as well as deeply influenced by quantum physics, the metaphysical text A Course in Miracles, and tools like meditation. 

What we can do together: Many things! All of them in service of you being who you’re meant to be and having the tools to lead & create with your dream community. If you’re an organization, explore my team training, consulting, and speaking work here. If you’re an individual, explore my coaching work here.

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In love + solidarity, 

Aaron Rose 

The participants were raving. Everyone learned. Everyone grew. Wow, just wow.


  • Diversity & Inclusion Strategy (from recruitment to onboarding, from retention to talent development)
  • Complex Conversations in the Workplace
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Conflict Resolution & Transformation
  • Cultural Cohesion
  • Sexual Harassment and Gender Equity
  • LGBTQ Experience & Inclusion
  • Transgender Experience & Inclusion (including "my story")
  • Healthy Masculinity (including white male allyship)