I'm here to help you lead a diverse team with confidence and ease. 

As an educator, writer, and strategist, I transform mission-driven companies’ impact by helping people better understand themselves and each other. With 10 years of experience in corporate diversity & inclusion, I've facilitated culture design programs everywhere from elite consulting firms to start-ups to large government agencies. I integrate best practices from multiple approaches to culture change, including restorative justice, organizational psychology, meditation, and reiki. I'm also a gay transgender man, a white middle-class person, and a lifelong New Yorker.

I know firsthand that by healing ourselves we heal the world. I'm here to help you do just that, so that your powerful work can have an even greater impact. I am here to support you: A creative leader eager to amplify your world-changing work to a more diverse community. A heart-centered business ready for your multi-faceted team to be more productive & connected. A mission-driven organization figuring out how to build a culture where people of all identities thrive together. 

Our society still struggles to talk candidly and practically about the question of human difference. But we are all hungry for healing, for relief from historical power dynamics, and for a greater sense of ease in connecting with people from other backgrounds. 

Through our work together, we'll demystify these taboo topics and you'll leave prepared to lead a diverse community with confidence and ease. You'll show up at work with the peace of mind that your platform is speaking authentically to the people you want to serve. 


The participants were raving. Everyone learned. Everyone grew. Wow, just wow.
— Client, Spring 2017


  • Diversity & Inclusion Strategy (from recruitment to onboarding, from retention to talent development)
  • Complex Conversations in the Workplace
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Conflict Resolution & Transformation
  • Cultural Cohesion
  • Sexual Harassment and Gender Equity
  • LGBTQ Experience & Inclusion
  • Transgender Experience & Inclusion (including "my story")
  • Healthy Masculinity (including white male allyship)