Hi, I’m Aaron Rose.

I’m so glad you’re here. 

I’ve devoted my life to healing our crisis of separation and political polarization, through designing radically inclusive community cultures, facilitating individual recovery from trauma and isolation, and empowering the next generation of social changemakers to lead the way. If you’re feeling like you’ve been walking around on eggshells for way too long, if you’re dreaming of it feeling easier to connect with others, if you’re tasked with bringing positivity back into your workplace or community, you’re in the right place.

How my work started: I came into this world asking the question, “why can’t we all get along,?” My early experiences of discrimination and violence led me to jump headfirst into understanding and transcending human conflict. I began working as a community organizer & educator when I was a teenager, which is how I learned how to teach, how to tell a story, how to coach, how to lead a team, and how to commit to bite-sized daily action in pursuit of a grand vision for a healed and whole world. 

What I do now: Today I am a motivational speaker, transformational coach, writer, and educator. I support public figures in owning their voice on social issues during the age of the internet callout and stepping into greater leadership and impact in their own unique way. I work with companies on their internal cultures and consult on strategy & communications related to identity, conflict transformation, and conscious culture design (aka how do we truly communicate + treat each other like humans + feel like ourselves + create the most powerful iteration of our work together?). I speak on these topics for audiences of all kinds. I also coach leaders 1:1 on amplifying their capacity to lead diverse teams and on aligning their work with their role in repairing our world. 

Behind my approach: My work is rooted in an intersectional understanding of power and research-backed principles of behavioral & organizational psychology, as well as deeply influenced by quantum physics, the metaphysical text A Course in Miracles, and energetic tools like meditation, emotional freedom technique, and more.

What we can do together: Many things! All of them in service of you being who you’re meant to be and having the tools to lead & create with your dream community. If you’re an organization, explore my team training, consulting, and speaking work here. If you’re an individual, explore my coaching & mentoring work here. And feel free to say hello at hello@aaronxrose.com. Our world is changing quickly, and my offerings keep apace with the evolution. So if you don’t see what you’re looking for, chances are we can co-create it together.

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In love + solidarity, 

Aaron Rose 

P.S. Here’s my official bio: Aaron Rose is a transformational coach for public figures, inclusive culture consultant, motivational speaker, energy worker, and human being committed to changing and enjoying the world at the same time. He is devoted to healing our crisis of separation and political polarization by designing radically inclusive community cultures, facilitating individual recovery from trauma and isolation, and empowering the next generation of changemakers to lead the way. Aaron has facilitated cultural transformation across multiple industries, from wellness and spirituality to tech and finance, using a unique mix of restorative justice, neuroscience, metaphysics, and meditation. His clients have included McKinsey & Co, Columbia University, Greenpeace, T-Mobile, and more. As a transformational coach and energy worker, Aaron helps public figures transcend their fears of criticism and embrace their unique role in building a better world. Having experienced both violent discrimination and unfounded privilege, Aaron is a champion of a world where we are celebrated for our unique incarnations while also transcending the labels that keep us divided.

The participants were raving. Everyone learned. Everyone grew. Wow, just wow.


  • Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

  • Conflict Resolution & Transformation

  • Spirituality and Social Justice

  • Leadership Coaching for Changemakers

    and Mission-Driven Leaders

  • Sexual Harassment and Gender Equity

  • LGBTQIA+ Experience & Inclusion

  • Conscious Masculinity

  • Racial Justice and White Accountability

  • Generational Trauma, Unconscious Bias,

    and Reclaiming Humanity